Braces, Cosmetic and General Dentistry

Excellent Service… Even Better Care.





Professionalism for us means… being competent and skilled in our respective jobs. It’s staying current with training and techniques. More importantly, professionalism is the high standards that we have set for ourselves. Those high standards dictate how we treat and care for our patients and their families. We never settle and always try to rise above our already high standards.


Integrity is in our DNA. It’s central to who we are. We never up-sell or offer unnecessary treatment. We believe that if we do the things we say we will do, treat our patients with respect, go above and beyond to provide excellence for our patients we will earn their trust and confidence. 


We strive for excellence in every aspect of what we do. We believe that if we continuously strive for excellence it will translate in the success of our Orlando dental office. Success in how we treat and care for our patients to successful recovery. Our excellent 5 star reviews on Google are a testament to our pursuit of excellence. Read more on Google.


Digital Pan/Ceph X-Ray

Superior Image quality for accurate diagnosis

HD Intra-Oral Camera

Highest resolution of any IOVC camera
Delivers brilliant high-quality images

VELscope Oral Cancer Screening Device

Helps visualize oral mucosal abnormalities that might not be apparent or visible to the naked eye


More than 16 years of dental experience

Dr. Rose has a wide range of dental and orthodontic experience. She has been a practicing dentist for more than 16 years and have received her Orthodontic certification for more than 5 years. She also taught dentistry to students in the Periodontal Department while she was a Junior Faculty member at Howard University College of Dentistry and 2 years as an Associate Professor teaching Orthodontics. Simply put, we are more than qualified to provide the dental and orthodontic service for you and your family.

Comfortable dentistry and orthodontic treatment

Your dental visit doesn’t have to be unpleasant and scary anymore. Our office is warm and inviting with a spa-like atmosphere. We use the most advanced technologies to diagnose and treat you, such as HD intra-oral camera and a portable x-ray with less radiation than traditional x-ray systems. You can enjoy a cool beverage or a hot cup of coffee before your treatment and watch a movies on one of our large flat screen TVs via Netflix or one of the other streaming services.

All your dental care in one place

Master Family Dental offers more than basic dental care. If you need to replace missing teeth, straighten your teeth, remove painful teeth or get rid of a toothache we can help. We offer a variety of general and cosmetic dental procedures including braces and Invisalign. We know your busy lifestyle makes it more convenient to have everything done in the same familiar, caring office, that is why we updated and equipped our dental office with the latest cutting edge equipment and technology to offer the best care and treatment options for you and your family.

We offer same day dental treatment

If you have a dental emergency, whether it’s a toothache, a broken tooth or a lost filling, we know it’s important that you get seen as soon as possible. We usually reserve time on our schedule for emergencies even if you are a new patient. Rest assured that we will always do our best to accommodate you, even when other can’t or won’t! 

We put your interests above all else

Our patient-centric approach ensures that your best interest is always our main focus. To that end, we will educate you on proper oral care, provide different treatment options and will always recommend to the best course of treatment. We believe that treatment should never be dictated by what is covered by insurance but what is best for your specific need.

Affordable dentistry & orthodontics

We know that dental expenses can sometimes be unexpected and costly. To help ensure you get the care and treatment you need, we created affordable Dental Discount Plans to save you up to 30% off our regular fees. Additionally, we offer simple, clear and convenient payment alternatives and a variety of financing options to help with your dental and orthodontic treatment. Furthermore, we always work to maximize the benefits you receive from your insurance.